Largest Barefoot Walk

8th March 2012

There is an opportunity on Easter Tuesday (April 10th) for Christians, young and old, of every denomination and outlook to walk together and demonstrate some solidarity with those in need around the world.

The record for the Largest Barefoot Walk currently stands at 2500 people walking for just one kilometre SO we are looking for at least three thousand people (but not more than 5000 :)



  • Can you come along and join in on April 10th
  • Could you rally your church/youth/school group to take up the challenge?
  • Would you pass the word along your Facebook/Twitter/

Here is a link to the leaflet and powerpoint files that you could use in your church / school group..

Here is where you can let us know that you are coming/how many might be with you..



Or join up here for our Twitter feed to stay up todate with the project.

The Wear It Out campaign is about making things last.... it's also about discovering values that last...and it's about 'wearing' those values on the 'out'side - taking them into the public square.