Youth Night

Youth Night took place on Saturday 7th June 2014 in Assembly Hall, Belfast. 

Theme is "Faith Discovered"

Speaker: Nate Morgan Locke (Youth Evangelist at Christianity Explored)

Band: Dave Dickinson & Band


Nate and Cat Morgan Locke live in Bath with their children James and Lily. Nate was raised in a Christian home where he learned the truth of the gospel from his parents and how it works out in real life alongside his brothers and sisters! He went to London as a student and, though he rebelled in various ways, God's grace led him to join the staff of All Souls Church. He served as part of the team there for 8 years, particularly working with children and teenagers at the Clubhouse. In 2012 the Morgan Lockes left London for Bath, where they are part of St. Bart's Church with Nate heading up the Children's and Youth Ministry.


Nate enjoys sports, films, books and music but mostly eating with his family.