The Big Event

This is your chance to have your say in the future of the church.  In order to attend the SPUD Big Event simply come as a delegate from your church.  For more information on this see the SPUD page intitled 'What is Spud?', and find out how you can play your part for the next Big Event. 

The Future of Youth Ministry?

What if someone proved that the way we currently do youth ministry is driving young people away from our churches?  How would you feel about that?  Would you want to argue strongly that they must have got their stats wrong?  Or is there a part of you thinks that there may be is something wrong in the way that YAC do children’s and youth ministry?  It’ll be an open conversation where all points of view will be heard and acknowledged – so tell us what you think…


Where to now?

The world we are in today is a very different one to that of our parents or grandparents when they were growing up.  It demands change and fresh thinking.  It calls us to live by faith as we journey into the unseen.  As the younger generation in the church we probably think that sounds great.  For an older generation it is their worst nightmare!  So often this causes tension between the generations that either explode or leak out into our congregations’ lives.  So we will be exploring intergenerational ministry and being the church family.




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