Grow Your Own Spuds


Waringstown Presbyterian Church

Thursday 19 March


For ministers, elders, youth leaders

One aim of the SPUD working group is to facilitate congregations as they find a way to engage their teenagers and young adults in increasing ownership of their congregation, alongside the other members of the church family. Then they can begin to work together, each using their own gifts and talents to advance Christ’s Kingdom in their local area. 

SPUD has been putting extra effort into our work at the local level. By local level we are mainly referring to the meaningful participation of young people in their home congregations and Presbytery’s. 

The SPUD working group have produced a programme entitled: Grow Your Own SPUDs which aims to act as a conversation starter between young people and church leaders. The programme will help young people and leaders to get an idea of what youth participation would look in their own context.  We are aware that each Presbytery is different and each congregation, within any given Presbytery, is unique and therefore there is not a one size fits all solution for effective and meaningful youth participation. 


What happens in the programme?

Each session begins with a biblical focus and moves on to cover aspects of how youth participation currently looks, through to how it might look.  In-between it addresses what challenges or difficulties might present themselves and the variety of steps that need to be taken along the way.

We would be happy to accommodate any congregation who feel this could be the first step in empowering their young people to have their voices heard throughout their congregation.