"Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for other believers in your speech, behaviour, love, faithfulness, and purity." 1 Timothy 4:12

SPUD is the Youth Assembly for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and aims to connect 15-25 year olds with the real decision-making of the church, encouraging participation at both a denominational and local level.

It is an opportunity for young people from across our island to engage with issues which matter to them, which matter to PCI, and which, above all, matter to God.

In order for us to provide more information on each of the Spud events coming up, the 3 main events have been separated into their own sections on the sidebar.  These should contain any information you might like about the upcoming event or anything you might have missed at a past event.

For more information on each of these sections and how the youth can play their part, just visit the section marked 'What is Spud?'.  You will also find in this section information about the working group, Spud reports and ideas on how to do Spud in your area.

We want to encourage you in getting involved in YOUR Spud Youth Assembly so that you can not only have your views heard but also participate more in the future of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

Remember, you have a voice!


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Breaking the Silence