Most people can find their way to Church House itself at the bottom of Great Victoria Street, (strictly speaking you are at the start of College Square.) One landmark on your way down Great Victoria Street will have been the Opera House. At this point Church House is in sight, a short distance away on the other side of the street. Church House is at the junction of Howard Street and College Square. 

If you are in the car, your chances of free parking are pretty slim unless you are prepared for a long walk, but there are car parks near by, and 'on the street parking' not so far away; have small change in your pocket! There is usually a time limit for on the street parking of two hours.

There are various car parks clearly signposted in the Great Victoria Street, May Street and Chichester Street areas. These will be obvious as you drive around the immediate area. The car parks closest to the city centre can cost up to £2 per hour - so you have been warned!

More experienced explorers of Belfast coming down May Street from the Oxford Street direction know that after they go past the City Hall they can turn right into Donegall Square West, and then immediately (at the newspaper stand) turn left into the other end of Wellington Street, crossing Upper Queen Street before continuing down the other half of Wellington Street right to the glass doors you are seeking! These directions will also apply to those who have used car parks in May Street and the surrounding area.

Those who have parked in the area around the BBC have the option of making for either Howard Street or Great Victoria Street on foot.

You can come in by train to Great Victoria Street, which is very handy.

Bus Information

Various Citybus routes take you to Donegal Square West. Other Citybus routes will take you to Donegal Square East. The best advice for newcomers to Belfast arriving at other points in the city centre is to head for the City Hall and get your bearings from there.

The Europa Buscentre is just up Great Victoria Street from Church House. If arriving at the Oxford Street Bus Station you have a much longer walk - best route is to head for May Street, which then becomes Donegal Square South, and then becomes Howard Street with Church House at the end of it. Simplest explanation is to reach Church House, walk round the outside of the front of the building and then into the little side street called Wellington Street, where the entrance that you need for the offices is situated.